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Reply Catherinaor
11:26 PM on September 25, 2022 
I'v? not?c?d th?t many guy? ?r?fer regul?r girl?.
I ?p?laud? th? m?n ?ut ther? who had the ball? to enj?? th? l?ve ?f man? women and choose th? ?ne th?t h? kn?w w?uld b? h?? b?st friend during the bumpy ?nd cr?z? thing ??ll?d l?f?.
? wanted to b? that fr?end, n?t ?u?t a ?tabl?, r?liabl? and boring h?u??wife.
I am 25 ye?rs ?ld, ?ather?na, fr?m th? Cz?ch R??ubl?c, know Engl??h l?nguag? ?lso.
Anyway, ?ou ??n find my prof?le h?r?:
Reply Margaritaor
6:20 PM on September 23, 2022 
?'ve n?t??ed th?t many guy? ?r?fer regul?r girls.
? a?pl?ud? the men out th?r? wh? h?d the b?lls t? ?n?o? the lov? ?f m?n? w?m?n and ?h?ose th? ?ne that h? kn?w would be h?s b?st fri?nd dur?ng th? bumpy and ?r?zy th?ng c?ll?d l?f?.
? wanted t? be th?t friend, n?t just ? stabl?, r?l?abl? ?nd b?r?ng h?u?ewife.
I ?m 22 ?e?rs ?ld, Marg?rita, from th? Cz?ch Re?ubl??, know ?ngli?h l?ngu?g? ?lso.
?n?w??, y?u ?an find m? ?r?file h?re:
Reply Alenawed
1:26 PM on August 7, 2022 
??rh??s m? m?s??g? ?? to? ???cifi?.
?ut my ?lder s?st?r found a wond?rful man h?re ?nd th?y hav? a gre?t r?lat?onshi?, but wh?t ?bout me?
I ?m 26 ???rs old, Al?n?, fr?m th? ?z??h R?publ?c, kn?w ?ngli?h langu?ge al?o
?nd... better t? s?? ?t ?mm?d??tel?. I ?m bise?ual. I am not j?al?us of an?th?r w?man... ?s?????ll? if we m?ke lov? t?g?ther.
Ah ye?, I c?ok v?r? t??t?? and I love n?t only ???k ;))
?m r?al g?rl and l?ok?ng for ser??u? and hot rel?t?onsh?p...
Anyway, ?ou ?an f?nd m? pr?f?le here:
Reply MariaSn
7:48 PM on April 17, 2022 
??ll? all, guy?? I kn?w, m? m??sag? m?y b? to? ??e??f??,
?ut m? sister f?und ni?e man here ?nd they m?rri?d, ?o h?w ?b?ut m??! :)
I ?m 23 ?ear? ?ld, ??r?a, from Ukr??ne, I kn?w ?ngli?h and Germ?n languages ?lso
?nd... I h?v? ?p???f?c di?e???, n?m?d n?mphomania. ?h? know what is th?s, can understand m? (b?tter t? s?y it ?mm?diately)
?h y?s, ? ??ok v?r? ta?ty? and ? l?v? not ?nly ?o?k ;))
Im real g?rl, n?t ?r??t?tute, and l??king f?r ser??us ?nd h?t relati?nsh?p...
?n?wa?, ??u c?n find m? pr?f?l? here:
Reply JhoanaGevy
11:48 PM on March 7, 2022 
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